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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. we are live in gilroy where police are investigating a driveby shooting at a house where a baby was inside, we will tell you what leads police have. and how the fiscal cliff could affect long-term benefits here in the golden state, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this morning november 28th, i am pam cook. >> we are on storm watch this morning, the first of several storms will roar into the bay area, you should expect strong winds and we have team coverage for you. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty is watching the traffic and it is the first for
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you. where is the storm system now. >> right off the coast. it is producing some light rain and it is coming in, in about two hours and the heavy rain is offshore. it is merging and it is going to pack a pretty good punch here. it looks like it is heading towards the marin coast and we will keep an eye on it and the focus will be the rushing river and for now let's to go to mark, i think this is the first time we have worked together, how are things at the san rafael bridge. >> yes, it is an honor. we have had a few light showers. >> reporter: a little bit of a breeze nothing too major, but you can see we have trees but a wind advisory we have been talking about we are talking about winds starting to pick up in the next few hours. just a few light showers out
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there as i have mentioned, nothing too extreme, cars are moving towards the toll plaza but the key concern later on today, over the next couple of hours winds are increasing up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. and these bridges, the dumbarton, the bay bridge and the richmond san rafael that will be a concern because the southerly winds will be hitting that side of your car and all of a sudden you will get a stronger gust and that will be our concern. so any time it rains, that will be a double concern over the next few hours. tara moriarty is watching the roadways and has an update on live traffic. >> of course it could change with this storm rolling in and right now let's head outside and we take a look at highway 4 through lafayette. and in the westbound direction,
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as you make your way through the caldecott traffic is flowing nicely. 5:02 let's toss it back to the desk. stay with us for continuing coverage throughout the morning. we have updates on the air also online and through mobile a man shooting a home with children inside is under investigation. what are police telling you jeanine? >> reporter: well police are keeping an april on for a red -- an eye out for a red honda hatchback. it is believed to be tied to the shooting. unshown in suspects fired at an unoccupied car here on glenn view drive which near 10th street. one round was shot into a house
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and there were eight people inside the home including a four month old baby. nobody was hit. but after reviewing the witnesses they believe it is gang motivated. police are on the lookout for that red honda civic and they are still looking around the neighborhoods to see if they can spot it. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they put out a house fire in the district. the fire was put out just before 10:30 last night. there were several people inside at the time including some children. one young girl was treated for smoke inhalation on the scene, nobody was hurt. police are looking for a hit- and-run driver before flipping his own vehicle.
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it happened on frog street. we are told the driver ran a stop sign ploughed into a school bus then immune any bus -- a muni bus and a car. the suspect ran away from the scene. none of the victims were injured. today president barack obama will meet with middle- class americans and ceos. he is pushing his plans for averting that fiscal cliff. they are pushing congress to renew tax cuts before they expire by the end of this year. what they are saying about the president's campaign style approach to deal with this looming crisis. and 400,000 californians are carefully watching this fiscal drama and that's because emergency benefits are due to expire unless congress agrees to an extension. here they are noticing possible
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loss of benefits are being mailed out this week. let's check in with tara in for sal castaneda, it could be a sticky commute with the rain. yes, we want to make sure you give yourself enough time today and right now if we take a look outside, this is a look at the east shore freeway as you drive towards the mcarthur maze, and as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza folks are headed to san francisco and they are not experiencing any delays. finally a look at 280 in san jose, traffic is looking good in both directions, here is steve. well, we have a little bit of a lull before the system comes in and if you leave now you might beat the bulk of it. everything is offshore poised to move in and today it is widespread, it will rain all the way from ukiah and santa cruz and it looks like a fast
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mover. we will focus our attention on the north bay and again the santa cruz mountains, saturday it takes more aim at that. it is possible we could see 10 to 8 more inches. cape mendocino north, there will still be a lot of systems and now it is becoming one and it will move on shore and as long as it keeps marching, it will take aim at the marin coast. also the rushing river area, things are beginning to start nothing too heavy but it will pick up around 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00. also in mendocino, and lake county and down to santa cruz and monterey it will be a rainy morning. it is not too heavy yet but it is on its way. when you see darker green rain begins to pick up and that will not come in for another couple
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of hours but it is a sign of things to come. the rain will pick up and the high wind warnings have been posted. high gusts in some of the higher elevations. rain and wind, morning rain gives way to a blustery day and there will be a distinct edge to this. we will focus our attention to the north bay from thursday to friday and for the santa cruz mountains, that is the main area of focus and things wind down sunday but we still get some rain. time now 5:08, a controversy where a sex was allowed to volunteer at a school event. and they paid him millions of dollars and what he is now saying and why he chose the show in the first place.
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280 on san jose things are looking good at the 880 split, we will have more coming up in traffic. ,
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marquis cooper . he is apologizing for asking viewers to stopwatching. he is apologizing for his remarks and lack of
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appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity he has been given. he expressed his new found christian faith and values. more is coming for church and school. according to the san jose mercury news, a new lawsuit has been filed against the parish adding a second lawsuit against a former priest. he was already the subject of another lawsuit last year, accusing him of abusing a former student. it follows a more recent incident where a sex was allowed to volunteer at a church during a festival. and he is accused of being negligent and taking too long to alert the community about the fire. the two law firms filed the
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suit on behalf of several people who have signed on. they say they plan to fight the lawsuit. time now 5:12, the election is over but president barack obama is campaigning again. as allison burns reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, allison burns has more on avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: he will sit down at the white house with some who backed mitt romney and also will be trying to sell his plan to avoid the so called fiscal cliff about spending cuts that kick in at the end of next month. it was another down day on wall street as investors grow increasingly worried about whether they can avoid financial disaster. they are deadlocked over raising taxes on well, the they are americans. -- wealthier americans.
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sea think he should stop campaigning. they are working out an agreement and he is back on the campaign trail, presumably with the same old talking points we are quite familiar with. >> reporter: but they say the white house is fully engaged while taking his case to the public. >> now that the election is over, we should stop talking to them about these vital issues i think is bad advice. >> reporter: how the president is taking his message to social media i will have that during my next update. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and city leaders are asking for advanced warning in the event same sex marriage becomes formally legalized. california's voter approve ban on gay marriage and if the high
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court refuses to hear proposition 8 would stand and become legal in california. san francisco city leaders say if it happens, they would need at least 24 hours to prepare for a flood of marriage license requests. cat williams is in trouble with the law again and just weeks ago he was arrested in oakland on suspicion of a salt. coming up, why he may face new charges in sacramento. and any are not -- and they are not sure whether they can shoot birds to keep them from planes. if shooting blank fail to scare them away, permanent employees may be allowed to use bird shot. they deferred that proposal to be talked about later. there is a sky show on the way right now the final lunar
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eclipse of the year. and even if our cloudy rainy skies are there, you will be unlikely to notice the stage -- unlikely to notice the stage of theee lips and that will happen at -- eclipse than will happen at 6:00 this morning. >> let's check in with tara. not too bad for a morning commute. that is right, not bad at all, no fender-benders but of course when the roads get wet, we'll see some folks spinning out if they don't slow down. as you drive towards san francisco, no delays and this is a look at san mateo those taillights are moving as you make your way towards foster city. we can see a little bit of midst out there and roadways are looking good as you make your way towards san francisco city. and we have some reports of
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rain coming in, hayward, kent field, novato, petaluma starting to show some rain. and we always appreciate that. the first system looks to be three and everyone is in on this one, three to six inches rushing river north, half-moon bay air for the, due south almost 40 miles per hour things are picking up on the coast and also higher elevations. the system is now one, you can see how it is coming together, moving north and that's a sign if it came over us and back here there will be heavy rain rates. nothing too heavy but if you can get out of the house now, you might beat a lot of this. when you start to see the yellow, that is a site.
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and it looks to be the bulk of it. rain is starting to pick up and i have seen a .02 in ken field and one of the leaders of the pack when rain begins to pick up, we will keep an eye on that in mendocino county, so far everything seems to be in the same ballpark and even all the way town to santa cruz and san jose things are starting to fill in. the system looks like it is moving fast and by noon it is on the backside of this. things will pick up later and rain rates will be rather intense. 60s and 50s on the temperatures, it could be a rural pattern for that and the next system will not come in but it will stall out. there in lies the rain and they may not get anything. the next system will come in on the santa cruz mountains and things will be winding down.
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thank you steve. investors will open lower as they continue to be a lack of progress unavoiding the so called fiscal cliff. overnight, asian markets skidded over the same concerns and they had a seven months high and china shanghai hit its lowest in almost four years. they do indicate a lower opening across the board, nasdaq s&p 500 followed some losses and there are some good corporate earnings coming in that could offset things a bit and we will talk about those things coming up. group upon may replace their ceo and group upon stock is facing a new ceo. a pot grow guarded by
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alligators. the violent incident that led police to the operation. don't for get, you can get the morning's top stories developed while you are sleeping sent right to your cell phone. get your morning wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123.
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. investigators found this, alligators used to guard a marijuana grow house in washington state. they found the operation after the owner darren shaw allegedly wounded a man, he claims he was sitting outside when shaw came out and attacked him. >> he came outside to my truck threw bullets through my truck and i am lucky to be alive. >> they claim they had an argument about drugs purchase the shooting. shaw is now being held on assault charges but could be charged with attempted murder. and cat williams is accused of leading police on a chase. williams allegedly drove a three wheeled motorcycle before officers called off the chase. williams was asked to leave a
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high at after -- high yacht after a disturbance. he was accused of hitting a man in the head with a bottle. a bizarre video of two suspects, two men demanding the couple's cell phone at gunpoint. they had video of those two suspects driving erratically. the men followed the couple as they drove away and one stopped and one of the suspects actually got into the couple's car. >> the husband and suspect got into a struggle and the us a ban was able to push the man out of the car and told the wife to hit the gas. that is when the suspect started firing shots at the car. nobody was hurt. later police arrested the suspects just hours rater. -- hours later. this is according to the los angeles times. the new center will be from
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another distribution facility in patterson. and it will bring up to 1,000 new jobs and this will be amazon's third distribution center. oakland boxing champ andre ward will defend his title in two months. they will face former middle aged champs on january 26th in los angeles. they currently hold the belts, defeated light weight champion and chad dawson since winning gold at the 2004 olympics, they are donating some of their playoff money to charity. they have decided to giveaway one share worth more than 34,000 dollars and the donation will be split between several charities including big
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brothers and sisters in the bay area. and let's check in with tara. we have something in the roadway and chp is not saying but it is probably some debris on the off-road ramp. this is 280 at the 880 interchange and traffic is flowing nicely there. up next a look at the sunole grade, you can see traffic is flowing well. let's head to steve. we have cloudy skies, winds are beginning to pick up, and a high wind warning is out. the low is moving north. >> off the marin coast, it is not bad, it is a sign things are picking up and it is a sign off the road it will be one of or target areas over the next
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few days. i really think north of sun noma county there could be unbelievable rain rates and you know sunday and also into the rushing river we will keep an eye on that and the bigger thing will be marin county and things picking up. will they be end shrined or shunned. they are set to be on the ballot today. uc berkeley students chained their neck to a building and how the protest ended. we are live in one of the north bay towns that has been prone to flooding and we will give you a look at the situation when the morning news continues. you disgust me.
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. welcome back, i am pam cook. >> and our storm watch continues, right now the first of several storms arrived overnight and we have live team coverage for you. tara moriarty is watching your morning commute and claudine wong is in marin county and i know it is raining there but first let's go to steve paulson, what is that storm? >> -- war is that storm? >> it -- where is that storm?
5:31 am
>> it's right off the coast and 7:00 to 9:00 this system will begin to move through and it is just coming on shore but there is plenty that has to come by. you can see some of these heavier bands and they are right off the coast, right there heading towards the marin coast. this system begins to pick up and things are not too bad yet. for more on how they are picking up, let's head to claudine wong. there is not too much wind yet. >> not too much, a little bit of wind and rain, you can see roads are already wet going through downtown and we come here because this is an area we know that floods. and we have a system to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to flooding. one of the reasons you may not see the bags is because we have
5:32 am
these flood gates and they basically slide it on when they block the bags when they need to. the creek which on the other side of this business is actually low. we just checked this under two feet, and again, that is why you might not see. you talk about a town like the town which is devastated. we have a website which is live and hot and they have flood sirens that will go off if they need to. things looking good here and we have seen that rain on and off and nothing is too heavy, but it is one of those mornings we know is coming. we are on the drive earlier when the rain started to fall and certainly the roads are something we are keeping an eye on eye on.
5:33 am
here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, we have gusts from 5 to 60 -- 50 to 60 miles per hour. traffic is flowing nicely in foster city and in the opposite direction towards haywood. the storm is expected to create some large waves. boat owners are also warned to make sure their vessels are security anchored. they rushed in to secure their catch and they say it will be about a week before they can go back out on the water. >> everybody has been moving their gear further out and we are baiting it real heavy because we know we will not be able to pull it for a while. >> meantime san francisco remains closed. the storm created a sewerage spill and the new storm will delay effort to clean up the
5:34 am
san. don't forget, stay with us. for continuing storm coverage, we are monitoring the conditions minute-by-minute because as you know they can change and as you no, we have updates online and on mobile ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in gilroy, right now they are investigating a driveby shooting, target of the house is filled with people including a baby. here is more on a possible motive. good morning, jeanine. police are investigating this drive by at this hour and they believe this was gang motivated. it all happened here at gilroy high school. those inside were shocked at a parked car. nobody was hit but witnesses said they did see a 1990 red
5:35 am
honda civic hatchback so police are on the lookout for that vehicle. so far people we have spoken to in the neighborhood said they didn't hear any shots fired but they are surprised to hear about the shooting. live in gilroy, jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a protest is over this morning, a small group of protesters exited the hall last night. the students had chained themselves to doors on the 6thth floor so police could not get in without hurting them. protesters had to occupy the building so school administrators could hear they needed more funding for minority programs. >> it is missing on this campus and it had to come to this. >> the protesters spent nearly six hours inside the hall and came out after school
5:36 am
administrators promised not to punish them. it is now empty and set to be refurbished in the spring. two people were seen running from the fire and about an hour later, a second fire was set in another trash can on west 20th street near a van causing some damage. nobody was hurt but arson was suspected in a concord home on saturday. only on 2, ktvu's exclusive interview with chris moore police chief, what moore says the next police chief will somebody be somebody outside their area. and he is appearing on the hall of fame ballot today along
5:37 am
with others. you know they have been linked to steroid use. the voting will take place next month and we will know the results by january 9th. in the meantime, john harbaugh will decide today if it will be colin or all leg smith four -- alex smith for the next game. now one player has been filling in for alex smith, he had that concussion last month but smith is said to be healthy now and they will be playing the rams again. claudine said it was coming down heavily in marin but let's check in with tara for the commute. once this drizzle in most spots turns to rain we could see some spin outs so definitely pay attention to the ride. we have a lot more folks out on
5:38 am
the roadway and westbound taillights are moving as you drive through sunny veil. winds are starting to pick up through san francisco the drive is looking good. westbound traffic there in the fog, there is a little bit of fog in the hills and those are folks headed towards concord. 5:37 let's check in with steve. our system is beginning for the first of which is there three and that will be for everybody and the next one which will be coming in late thursday to friday wants to hang out in the north bay more so than anywhere else. today is the first one. hopefully it will be a fast moving one and we have 6 to 14 inches could fall up towards the returning river -- rushing river and santa cruz mountains. see how our system is merging. one is an apparent low gusting
5:39 am
winds and that's a sign of things to come. things are beginning to light up and around 7:00 to 9:00 is more of a time where things are beginning to pick up. clover dale is starting to get some returns and we have places that are not too bad but they can get hit pretty badly. things are beginning to pick up and things are starting to develop off the coast and in marin county, they are usually one of the leaders of the pack. right near half-moon bay, the system has a ways to go and some of the heavier bands are beginning. it is not too bad. and the system will blast through. by noon we are about done with this. let's hope it does not slow down and let's give it high wind warnings and early afternoon we should be out of
5:40 am
the system and it will be a blustery day. maybe some upper 60s due to a strong wind on the coast. next system will take aim at the north bay and with your weekend always in view, going to the santa cruz mountains things will wind down pam and dave. well, it is the largest prize in powerball history and somebody could walk away with it today. and also they are going back to capitol hill, why she is working so hard to win over republican senators. here is a look, looks like our winds have just rolled in and we will have more on traffic coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. steve says we are expecting some wild weather, slow down as you drive and that wet weather will cause slick roads all over the bay area. we are also expecting some winds and that could be a problem especially for big- rigs. and also a driveby shooting one packed with people including a baby. police say it was gang related and luckily nobody was hurt. and president barack obama is visiting with dozens of ceos and he will talk about how to
5:44 am
deal with that looming fiscal cliff. the president will meet with middle-class americans who will see their taxes go up if congress does not take action. egyptians are once again expressing their anger towards president mohamed morsi. 200,000 people were there yesterday and they are protesting the decision by the newly elected president by granting sweeping powers. again, people out there have a live look and protesters have clashed with police and just today the highest appeals court are now suspending their work until president mohamed morsi rescind his decree. in san diego chile, the new
5:45 am
law would establish fishing quotas which discriminates against them in favor of large scale operations. they also say it. >> would require them to use gps which a system they can't afford. rice is trying to explain why she gave what she now acknowledges is an incorrect explanation of the 9/11 deadly attack on the u.s. consulate. she did not win over john mccain and lindsay graham in her meeting yesterday and the senators remain troubled by rice's comments. the democrats would need at least 5 democratic senator to vote for her if she is nominated. and it is not the
5:46 am
constitutionally mandated swearing in date falls on a sunday so following tradition, president barack obama will privately take the oath of office on sunday january 20th and then the public inauguration will be the following day. 5:45 only on 2, san jose's police chief, moore is talking about his decision to step down after only two years on the job. in an exclusive interview, chief moore talks about what it would take to make him stay. he said he would not be leaving unless they put an initiative to help pay for more officers and resources. he said nobody inside the department is interested intaking his job. >> once it was determined that nobody from inside the organization for all of the same reasons felt compelled to seek the job, it opens up the opportunity for other chiefs,
5:47 am
sitting chiefs. >> chief moore says it is dire because of resident signature nations and retirements and they have opened four community meetings for public in put on who should be the next chief. and public in put for sheriff ross mirkarimi, the woman trying to force him out made the move and has some questioning her commitment. we will tell you what the latest development is coming up at 5:45. >> the family of a teen found dead in hayward are offering a reward for information on his killing. he was found dead in an abandoned auto repair shop on mission boulevard. his family is offering reward for any information leading to an arrest. they are accusing a boy for
5:48 am
a violent rampage. they robbed several businesses, killed a man during a carjacking and fired shots at police officers. yesterday the district attorney's office said he will be tried as an adult but he is not eligible for the death penalty. and this is if they win the largest, it is up to $500 million. it could get even bigger since 60% for big jack pots occur on that final day. it has not been a powerball winner for the last 16 games and california is one much 18 states that do not play this powerball. and the newest is in oregon. >> that is quite a drive. 5:48 is the timement
5:49 am
unfortunately an accident in sonoma. this is right near shellville. it just popped up on the chp website but it is definitely a reminder to slow down. we have seeing -- we are expecting some wind and that could definitely impact big risk. those metering lights still have not come on yet. no delays as you come in to san francisco, north pound traffic is on the right-hand side and showing no problems, here is steve. the first system looks to be three, -- look to be one of three coming on shore right now. especially towards mendocino, santa cruz mountains, a possibility, the heaviest will be towards the north, the winds will pick up and right above crystal springs airport right
5:50 am
out of the south. the next one will be thursday night into friday. things are still picking up 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. when things blast through. hillsberg windsor, even into lake county, we will keep an eye on the rushing river over towards britain and the usual others where things start to fall. tomorrow night is more of a window for the rushing river area. in lake downty things are beginning to pick up but mendocino will take the brunt of this through the next three or four days. in marin county, only two areas of kent field, but light rain all the way to send lean in and also -- some lean in and also
5:51 am
the santa cruz esanta cruz mountains, not too much. it is compact and tight, but for four hours it is moving on shore bu 9:00 and 10:00, by noon it will blast through and it is going to be windy and it is in a rainy pattern and it takes us into the weekend, pam and dave. apple is back into the top position. and they say apple now has 48% and that puts it slightly ahead of google. it is the first time since the iphone 4s. the wall street journal oversaw the mapping software and this is the latest fall out
5:52 am
about the apple knaps and virgin american airlines offered a special package for built city. they have a consumer electronics office and they have the winning bid 49 third dollars. this is something we wait for this time every year and today the wait will be over, what time magazine is about to do. >> plus why some customers of an east bay saloon are crying into their beer after it to the real personal. -- crying in their beer after it got real personal.
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. time now 5:54 an east bay brewery is encouraging customers who paid with credit card to cancel those cards and get new ones. they said customers started
5:56 am
noticing strange charges. they figured out the payment system at the pub had been hacked and reported it to the owner. he acted quickly to keep his loyal customers and save his business' reputation. >> we are obviously victims and maybe more so for the fact that we may loose business from it. he is spending about $10,000 to upgrade and he is contacting i.t. companies to figure out how he was hacked. they have reimbursed customers for the charges that were not theirs. sheriff ross mirkarimi is on hold. last night, resolution supporting a recall was withdrawn. the leader of the movement said she may try again some other time. the measure came about after they reinstated sheriff ross mirkarimi after his arrest and suspension for domestic violence involving his wife.
5:57 am
this year a bay area ceo is in the running to be named person of the year. the candidates include, yahoo ceo marissa meyer and it includes undocumented immigrants. mohamed morsi and the singing cook sensation, famous for his video. and a winner will be announced. >> you have to get up and dance. coming up on 6:00, it could be getting busy out there and traffic is starting in the north bay. >> that's right, we have a very large deer in the roadway so be aware of that, it may take awhile to get it out of the roadway. and the 880 split, traffic is flowing nicely and 680 at the sunole grade as you make your
5:58 am
way towards fremont, there are a lot more folks on the road but so far no good. let's head back to the desk. just a few hours ago, multiple fires and the reason firefighters say this could be the work of an arsonist. these are live pictures of the windy conditions and it has picked up a lot on the richmond san rafael, and the conditions that boaters are being warned about this morning, we will have more coming up stay tuned.
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